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Beautiful Landscape and Hardscape for a New Home in Palmetto Bluff!

BlogJul 27 2015Comments Off

Here are some wonderful photos of a landscape and hardscape installation we just completed for a beautiful new home by Shoreline Construction in Palmetto Bluff!  We did the landscaping, walkways, outdoor living space with patio and fireplace and driveway entrance!

9826034_IMG_0748.jpg 9826279_IMG_0811.jpg 9826298_IMG_0812.jpg 9826318_IMG_0813.jpg 9826336_IMG_0814.jpg 9826352_IMG_0815.jpg 9826371_IMG_0816.jpg 9826392_IMG_0817.jpg 9826405_IMG_0818.jpg 9826426_IMG_0819.jpg 9826441_IMG_0820.jpg 9826454_IMG_0822.jpg